Ijaz Group is a global accounting, tax, management, and technology consulting firm serving nonprofit organizations, government clients, private companies and private individuals. We offer our clients with innovative solutions to help them navigate complex regulations and focus on their growth.

Why Choose Us?


Our professionals have a thorough understanding of the unique daily challenges faced organizations in their industry. We have the insight to effectively recognize opportunities and identify areas of your organization that can be strengthened.

Staff Continuity. 

We are committed to maintaining the same staff on engagements year-after-year. As a result of our low turnover, our professionals develop sustainable relationships with our clients’ organization.

No Surprises. 

We are dedicated to providing our clients with personal attention and a “hands on” approach to avoid any surprises throughout the year. Our professionals will solicit your input in advance of the engagement to incorporate your feedback in our processes.


We provide you with frequent updates and communication of accounting developments and changes in standards that affect you and the industry. Therefore, our senior level professionals stay abreast of specific issues at your organization and take a proactive role in addressing them.