Serving Those Who Help Others

Not-for-profit organizations are under constant pressure to keep pace with demands for transparency, accountability, and governance. Contributors, grantors, lenders, and boards expect accurate, timely communications as to your performance.

Ijaz Group’ nonprofit accounting experts work to assure the reliability of financial records, evaluate the adequacy of internal controls, and produce strategies that help not-for-profits grow in today’s economy.

What We Offer

Client Accounting Services
By outsourcing this traditionally internal function, organizations can receive greater efficiency, a higher quality of service and deeper expertise.

CFO Services
Our CFOs are not just masters of finance but can translate that expertise into organization wide leadership.

Audit Preparation
The annual audit preparation should not be commenced in the eleventh hour. It should be a year round activity so that surprises are avoided and a faster opinion is achieved.

Risk Management
Embezzlement and fraud are the two most damaging plagues to a nonprofit. Our control system and regular assessment of accounting and financial functions keeps you afloat and away from these dangers.

Corporate Tax
The privilege of tax exemption requires strict adherence to laws, regulations and special reporting requirements to Federal and local levels, such as filing of the annual 990 returns.