Why Outsource Accounting to Ijaz

What’s one of the most efficient, cost-effective ways to run your organization, while freeing yourself to focus on what’s important? Outsourcing, of course! More and more businesses today are discovering the benefits of outsourcing accounting functions to reduce expenses and take advantage of cloud-based technologies that give you a leg up on the competition. Outsourced accounting services provided by Ijaz Group enable you to achieve that and much more.

Benefits of Outsourcing with Ijaz Group

Through our cloud-based tools, we can deliver a comprehensive, fully integrated financial management and accounting system that can meet the needs of your evolving business. We can provide you with:

  • Professional-strength, game-changing financial solutions
  • Rapid deployment with unlimited flexibility to adapt to your evolving business needs
  • Real-time visibility into your business performance, giving us the ability to provide you with deep insights into your business at any time
  • Superior return on investment

All our cloud-based tools feature the highest levels of security, performance, availability, and scalability.

How We Facilitate Your Success

Outsourced Accounting Services 

Services are customized for each client’s individual needs. We offer a comprehensive range of outsourced accounting services for our clients, from conventional bookkeeping, A/P and A/R to outsourced controllership and virtual CFO services. These include:

  • Recording Expenses (Depreciation, Prepaid rent & Insurance)
  • Recording Accounts Receivables & other sources of revenue
  • Processing Accounts Payables
  • Credit Card and Bank Account Reconciliations
  • Recording Individual Credit Card Purchase Transactions
  • Reconciling Payroll Plans
  • Maintaining Vendor W-9 Information
  • Creating Collections Process
  • Processing Use Tax
  • Preparing Sales Tax Return
  • Preparing 1099s

Our Accounting Technology Platforms

At Ijaz Group, we provide the best technology products available for accountants and their business clients. We offer the following solutions for their depth and breadth of advanced features and services these powerful tools provide.

  • Intacct

    Through Intacct, a robust suite of best-of-breed cloud-based accounting and financial management applications, our firm can power your entire outsourced business needs. It is completely secure, flexible and will scale to meet your growing needs. Intacct is the preferred provider of financial applications for the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Program.

  • QuickBooks

    QuickBooks is the go to desktop accounting software for many small and mid-sized organizations. It’s renowned for its flexibility, reporting options and its export options.

  • Bill.com

    Bill.com is a cloud-based bill management solution that eliminates paper from the workflow, automates and streamlines A/P and A/R processes, and cash flow management all with access from anywhere, anytime. It is the preferred provider of bill management solutions for the AICPA Trusted Business Advisor Program.

To request a proposal for our outsourced accounting solutions please submit an RFP. Find out what additional services the Ijaz team has to offer here.