Ijaz Group cross-disciplinary team of experts provide valuable solutions to analyze, evaluate, and safeguard agencies and organizations from the challenges associated with increasing regulations.


Ijaz Group’ personnel bring a depth of experience supporting financial transformation across the Federal community. We are established subject matter experts in Federal financial guidelines and requirements and have assisted multiple agencies with achieving their financial management goals. Our specialized accounting and financial management expertise include:

  • Accounting for inventory
  • Accounting for real property
  • Alternate valuation methodology


Ijaz Group offers its clients unmatched qualifications and experience in conducting internal control assessments in compliance with OMB Circular A-123, Management’s Responsibility for Internal Control. We understand the importance of a well-designed and effective internal control environment. We have assisted Federal agencies by implementing internal control assessments required by OMB Circular A-123.

Ijaz Group offers the skilled support to effectively address audit findings and communicate with audit organizations on corrective action. Agencies also require proactive and strategic advisory support to identify and correct weaknesses in processes before they become audit deficiencies and to achieve and sustain an unqualified audit opinion.