Maximizing Value of Your IT Solutions

Ijaz Group can help you promote organizational responsibility by reducing your organization’s exposure to IT risks. Our technology experts offer the full spectrum of IT Advisory services including:

  • Managing internal and external risks, both known and unknown
  • Fiduciary responsibilities that have personal liability
  • Measuring the return on your technology investment
  • Outgrowing your technology infrastructure
  • Disruption to your IT systems
  • Protecting client and employee data

A Unique Approach

We carefully consider your IT operations and give you a critical analysis of all of your controls (e.g., people, policies). Together, we’ll identify any issues and design a customized IT risk assessment and internal audit plan. We will also recommend ways to reduce control deficiencies and mitigate risk.

Whether you need to outsource your IT internal audit function or supplement your department with specific IT resources, we can help. Our team consists of technicians and industry-specialized CPAs who stay current on hacking tools and techniques, and the latest cyber crimes.

How We Can Help

After auditing your organization’s current systems, we will produce a report showing results for each control domain and supporting control segments. This includes a description of any gaps between best practices and your organization’s current controls, and if applicable, recommendations on how to bridge these gaps.

We can provide a variety of services related to IT audits and policies, including:

  • Enterprise and IT governance and risk assessments
  • Development of IT policies and procedures
  • Outsourced or co-sourced IT internal audit
  • Review of general controls
  • Application and control assessments

You can find out more about our Technology Solutions by visiting our IT services page.