Proven Results Assisting Clients with Global Tax Issues

International tax can be one of the most complex and costly challenges faced by companies with global operations. With increasing focus on international compliance by the IRS and a constantly changing business and legal environment, multinational businesses are burdened by numerous complex tax issues, competing priorities, and limited resources. Ijaz Group’ International Tax Services Team possesses a broad range of experience with foreign and U.S. tax provisions, cross border transactions, structuring issues, transfer pricing, and U.S. international tax reporting compliance.

Our team’s experience working with Fortune 500 companies has resulted in the development of a tailored, practical approach to problem solving that leverages key alliances with select, independent accounting firms in a multitude of countries to address both foreign and U.S. international tax issues and assist with meeting local reporting requirements. At Ijaz Group’, we understand that our success depends on our ability to exceed our client’s expectations and establish a trusting, enduring relationship with those we serve. This is where our motivation lies and this is why we consistently leverage our depth of expertise to produce meaningful results that you can count on.

International Tax Services

We help our clients implement international tax strategies with the following services:

  • Investment structuring
  • Transfer pricing
  • International tax consulting
  • Tax compliance
  • Cross-border cash planning: dividend repatriation, funding, currency issues
  • Due diligence
  • Indirect tax

Ijaz Group assists companies in the initial phase of their international operations as well as those with already established presence abroad. We regularly put our expertise to work to devise and execute strategies to reduce costs and alleviate the burden on your tax team.